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Pressure Sensitive Labels on Glass Bottles

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  • Choose the best printing option for your labels
  • Digital printing delivers super-fast low-cost short runs with no plate charges
  • Flexographic printing offers lower-cost long-runs with a variety of substrates and enhancements

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Pressure Sensitive Labels on Glass Bottles
Pressure Sensitive Labels on Shipping Boxes
Pressure Sensitive Labels on Canisters

Print Your Labels the Right Way for Your Application

We will help you choose the best printing option for your labels. Digital printing delivers low-cost short runs with no set up or plate charges and super fast turn around. Flexographic printing offers lower-cost long-runs, a variety of substrate materials, and UV and water-based inks up to 12 colors.

Digital Printing

Our digital printing services eliminate costs, shorten turn times, and give you increased label printing consistency. State-of-the-art digital printing systems create the highest quality, fully-customizable labels at lightning speeds with no set up or waste.

Need a long run of high-quality four-color process digitally printed labels? Or several small print runs with variable content? Our knowledgable sales and customer service staff will guide you through the label production process to meet your unique needs.

  No Printing Plates: Reduces upfront first order charge and gets your labels off the press faster.
  Print-On-Demand Technology: Diminishes waste in the manufacturing process and lowers costs.
  Multiple Copies: No plate changes or extra set ups necessary to go from one copy to the next.
  Improved Turn Times: Faster turn times than traditional print.
  Printing Consistency: The same measurements are used from the initial run, increasing consistency.

Flexographic Printing

With flexographic printing we can deliver custom printed labels in up to 8 colors, including four-color process with UV printing/varnish, lamination, and custom die cutting.

Need variable imaging like bar codes, sell by dates, or even flavors on your labels? With several available methods such as thermal transfer, dot matrix, sheet fed laser or digital printing, your full-color label can also have variable information per SKU.

  Higher Run Quantities: Flexo printing can perform long run jobs cost effectively.
  Flexible Materials: Maximum flexibility to print even the most unique materials on flexo presses.
  Good for Food Products: Flexo is an ideal option for food, beverage, and consumer products.
  Variety of Formats: Sheets, rolls, fanfold, or die cut individual labels.

Finishing & Embellishments

Make your product jump of the shelves with interesting creative unique labels.

  Finishing: Embossing / debossing, cold foil, reverse printing, die cutting, in-line variable inkjet
  Inks: UV, WB & digital, glow-in-the-dark, scented, thermochromatic & more
  Coatings & Laminates: Gloss, matte & tactile varnishes and laminates

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your pressure sensitive labels.

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