Pressure Sensitive Label Options

Pressure Sensitive Labels on Canisters

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  • Expand the function of your labels with extended text, two-sided print, security slits, and more
  • Enhance your retail packaging with foils, textures, embossing, custom die cut shape, and more

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Pressure Sensitive Labels on Canisters
Pressure Sensitive Labels on Glass Bottles
Pressure Sensitive Labels on Shipping Boxes

Much More than a Plain Label

Your label can utilize innovative cutting edge technology to expand functionality and marketing appeal. A wide variety of options are available.

Label Options Characteristics
Extended Text Resealable LabelsInstructions, technical data, Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration requirements, company history, or recipes can be imprinted directly on the label. For a small space, a two-layered label peels back to reveal additional data underneath. Front, back and second-layer printing options are available.
Two-Sided Print LabelsGraphic and instructions can be viewed through a bottle or clear film, visible on the reverse side. These labels may also be resealable.
Textured LabelsAn additional printing step of a layered rotary-tactile screen with a varnish raises letters or graphics.
Custom Die CutReflect your branding with a custom shape of your label, or create a powerful shape to capture consumers' attention.
Coupon LabelsAn Immediate Redemption Coupon (IRC) label that peels-off from a product container to be used right away by a purchaser.
Security Labels For safety and security, label choices include:
Security-Slit Labels: To prevent tampering and theft, the label cannot be removed in one piece. Any attempt to take a bar code or price from a less expensive item and affix it to a selected item will be unsuccessful.
VOID Labels: When this label is removed, the word "VOID" remains behind, signaling an attempt to alter the label.
Invisible Security Inks: These inks offer enhanced security to help prevent the sale of counterfeit products by using UV light to detect tampering.
Foil LabelsCreated from paper or film, foil adds a reflective sheen to the entire label. To enhance the label further, tint the foil by printing on top of it, giving the appearance of multiple colors of foil.
Cold FoilThe process of adding partial foil to a label. It can still be tinted to look like multiple colors of foil were used.
Opaque / Cover Up LabelsThese labels are used to cover other printing, such as out-dated or inaccurate information. A block-out element is on reverse side, allowing nothing behind it to show through.
Sheeted LabelsPre-printed from a roll sheet on a heavier stock, these shells are cut into flat sheets. They can be laser printed for changeable content. These labels are especially good for instructions, coupons, promotional items.

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