Stand-Up Pouches

Full Color Stand Up Pouches with Windows

At a Glance

  • Custom sizes as well as a wide range of stock sizes
  • Printing capabilities include digital, flexographic and rotogravure
  • Bottom gusset styles include round bottom (doyen), K-style, and plow bottom styles
  • Add zippers, handles, windows, micro-perforations, spouts, and hang holes

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Full Color Stand Up Pouches with Windows
Round Bottom Gusset Stand Up Pouches
K Style Bottom Gusset Stand Up Pouches
Plow Bottom Gusset Stand Up Pouches

The Right Stand-Up Pouch for Your Products

Create a beautiful package and strong shelf presence for your food products with a stand up pouch.

Pouches are available in stock or custom sizes. Film substrates can be simple clear materials or sophisticated laminates with a variety of barrier properties.

Choosing the right pouch will give your product effective stable shelf presence in retail stores. Round bottom (doyen) gussets are made for light products. K-style bottom gussets are designed for medium-weight products. And plow bottom gusset styles are perfect for dense heavier products.

Variety of Pouch Construction Options

Pouches from Pro Pac have a wide range of construction options.

  Top, bottom, and fitment filling options
  Round bottom (doyen), K-style, and plow bottom gusset styles
  Re-closable zippers
  Hang holes
  Tear notches
  Alternative bottom seals
  Laser microperforation
  Vent holes
  Custom gauges and sizes to meet unique product needs

Printing Capabilities

We offer a variety of pouch printing capabilities, including digital, flexographic and rotogravure with specialty inks and full-gloss, gloss / matte combination, or full-matte finishes.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your pouches and bags.

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