Custom Multi-Packing Shrink Bands

Shrink Sleeve Multi-Packs

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  • Promote multiple products packaged together
  • Clear no-print bands have incredibly fast turn-around times
  • Roto and flexo printed bands provide beautifully printed graphics for longer print runs

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Buy your shrink sleeves from us, and get a discount on your shrink sleeving equipment!

Multi-Pack Your Products with a Shrink Band

Move more product with strong, safe, custom multi-packing bands and sleeves. Shrink bands join two or more of your products in a protective band creating a single product out of multiple. Multi-pack bands can be a simple clear no-print method to group multiple individual products together. Or multi-pack bands can be fully-printed to market your latest grouped product promotion.

To verify your specifications we will present you with no-cost clear samples sized to your unique product group. You can see exactly how the band will work with your products. With your confirmation, production bands are produced.

As with all types of shrink bands and sleeves, clear no-print quantities have incredibly fast turn-around times. Custom digitally-printed bands and sleeves, especially good for low-quantity introductions to buyers, can be delivered to you in a matter of days. Roto and flexo printed bands provide beautifully printed graphics for longer print runs.

Please contact Pro Pac or call 888-318-0083 for your shrink sleeves and tamper bands.

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