Types of Shrink Sleeve Printing

Shrink Sleeves on Rolls

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  • Digitally printed shrink sleeves are prefect for short runs with high-print quality
  • Flexographic and rotogravure printed shrink sleeves provide the best print quality and vibrant colors

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Shrink Sleeves on Rolls
Shrink Sleeves & Tamper Evident Bands
Shrink Sleeves & Tamper Evident Bands
Shrink Sleeve Multi-Packs
Digitally Printed Shrink Sleeves
Custom Shrink Sleeves

The Right Printing for Shrink Sleeves

Depending on your product, production requirements, and volumes, we can help you choose the best shrink sleeve printing technology to meet your production requirements.

Digitally Printed Shrink Sleeve Labels

Digitally printed shrink sleeves offer the advantage of shorter run lengths without compromising print quality. Shorter press runs allow you to customize your product decoration for special promotions, samples, multiple SKUs, serialization and localization. With digital printing, there are no plate costs, perfect registration and unmatched print quality. Consequently, turn-around times are super quick. Whether you need ten full body sleeves or thousands, digitally printed sleeves maintain print quality while reducing your printing costs for short runs.

Rotogravure and Flexographic Printed Sleeve Packaging

For higher-volume print runs, we provide rotogravure and flexographic seamless full-body printed shrink sleeve packaging. Both print options provide the best print quality and vibrant colors for your products. Special effects can also add to your products shelf appeal, including metallic inks, matte finishes, and fluorescent inks.

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