Pre-Form Tamper Bands

Pre-Form Tamper Evident Bands

At a Glance

  • Pre-form bands are converted from plastic tubing and shaped to fit your bottle
  • Manual application is fast and simple
  • Stock and custom printed preform bands are available

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Manually Apply Formed Tamper Bands Quickly

Pre-form shrink bands secure caps, lids and closures on tapering bottles with easily recognized tamper-evidence. Use pre-form shrink bands on practically any type of tapered container or bottle.

Pre-form bands are converted from plastic tubing and partially shaped or "pre-formed" to custom fit your bottle or container. Since pre-forms to fit your bottle or container, manual application is fast and simple. We provide samples of either stock or custom tamper bands so you can be sure of the fit.

We supply various types of stock perform bands including PVC clear bands, colored bands and pre-printed bands. Stand out above the competition with custom printed preform bands. Your words, colors or logos build brand identity and show the safety of your products.

  All sizes, gauges & colors.
  Clear, opaque & tinted.
  Specify pull tabs, vertical & horizontal perforations.
  Stock prints instantly available.
  Custom printing with a quick turn-around.

Common Products for Pre-From Bands

  Dairy products: Protects milk bottles, creamers, yogurt, cottage cheese lids, etc.
  Fresh food products: Seals around lids on containers and trays for fruits, salads and vegetables, etc.
  Juices and beverages: Seals around the lids and caps,providing tamper-evident packaging to comply with FDA.
  Thermoformed containers: Seal around lids for easier manufacturing, distribution and display.

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