Shrink Sleeves & Tamper Bands

Shrink Sleeves & Tamper Evident Bands

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Shrink Sleeves & Tamper Evident Bands Shrink Sleeve Wrapping

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Full Color Full Body Shrink Sleeves

Our full color, seamless full body shrink sleeves conform to the shape of your bottle, completely wrapping your product, providing 360-degree graphics and information.

Shrink sleeve wrapping is an exciting option for adding full-color printing with tamper-evident security to bottles.

Unlike the costly, inflexible process of printing directly onto bottles, our shrink sleeves give you brilliant full-color registered printing that can easily change with new marketing campaigns or changes to your products.

Shrink sleeves are also a very popular and effective means for securing bottles with tamper-evident seals.

Want to move twice as much product? Use a simple shrink sleeve to wrap two bottles together to create a combo-pack or a new dual-product special.

Tamper Evident Shrink Bands

Tamper evident shrink bands seal your cap to your bottle. Your band can be clear or colored film with no print or printed with a repeated pattern.

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